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Image by Jason Goodman

Solve Your Talent Shortage In Less Than 8 Weeks

If you’re struggling to find talent to fill open positions…
If you’re turning away new business because you don’t have enough help…
You are in good company.
You are also just one conversation away from rescue.

69% of businesses

have had candidates decline offers

Employers are turning away

business due to lack of help

New hires ghost

employers before their first day

Profits are down due to

inflation and pay increases to attract and retain talent. 

Solve your talent shortage in less than 8 weeks

Currently you are experiencing:

Stress + Sleepless nights due to unfilled crucial roles.

Applicants not showing up for interviews

New hires not showing up for their first day

Budget constraints due to your offer competitiveness

Turning away new business due to lack of help

Cutting back hours of operation

With our help you will experience:

Sleeping soundly knowing the work is getting done

A productive, efficient, and convenient interview schedule set up for you

Guaranteed worker and a bonus manager for accountability

A budget-loving bevy of highly-skilled new employees

Fluidly scaling and taking in as much new business as you can find

Affordably increasing them – and people are happy about it!

We will

Give you a scalable staff solution to keep pace with your business growth

Lower your overhead cost per employee

Hire stronger expertise for a variety of roles/job functions


$2,500 one-time investment to solve a critical problem, in less than 2 months, that is costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Unbeatable Deal

We will save you tens of thousands of dollars annually

Key Deliverable

We guarantee we will have at least 1 highly-trained but affordable employee in place. And the process will be ready to scale for many more hires if required. You will save at least $20,000 annually, possibly much more.

Program Outline

We’ll discuss what you need to fill.


We’ll identify what you have in-house.


We’ll show you a specific pathway and create your interview schedule.


Interview. Hire. Save. Produce.

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